Common Misconceptions regarding SEO and Digital Marketing

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A lot of persons have misconceptions regarding SEO.

Three categories of seo misconceptions

The misconceptions fall usually under three categories

  • Start-ups who wish to get traffic want to get it immediately, without allowing due course for Search Engine Optimization to take effect. This of course varies from niche to niche but informed estimates range from eighteen months (18) to thirty six months (36) with a steady and progressive search engine strategy. In all this there are no guarantees.
  • On the other hand, SMBs understand the service and are more organized to partner with SEOs but are not willing to pay what is need to deliver the service. Sorry, no freeloaders – business is just not run that way! It stands to reason that since SEO is more rewarding in results than offline advertising, print and otherwise that businesses would be willing to cough up the dollars, but this is not always the case. For this reason, there is still a small group of persons who tap the true potential of SEO, since many SEO specialists don’t compromise on price. There is an enormously high cost to deliver the service and a tremendous value that is delivered with the results.
  • The third group are enterprise level companies who have the budget but think that they should get more for their money, the kitchen, the bedroom and all. After-all they are a big company and they are that important! The only caveat is, for SEO’s who are able to get results for big companies have to be very focused at their craft and deserve every penny they get.

No debate on prices for digital marketing and social media services

As for us we never argue on price. We set it you pay it. If you can’t afford it, it simple means you are not yet ready for the service, and when you are ready you will complain that we are charging too little.

Having to deal with the various groups has allowed us to give time to educating our clients so that they may better appreciate our service. The common misconception borne by all groups:

  • SEO is a one time thing.

In fact, many are of the notion that SEO is something you can do one time and then you can forget it. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact SEO requires consistency and a cocktail of technical skill, application and experience. Without these you will not achieve results. Just a drop in consistency and high quality interventions can affect results and what is worse is that the recovery process is compounded by that one oversight. The real fact is that those who really succeed at brilliant SEO results have made it their business to.

Successful businesses plan for SEO

That is, they have appointed a specific budget to the task, and a consistent stable approach commandeers the SERP rankings. Those who fail to see results would have done otherwise.

  • The other real challenge that SEO experts and digital marketers alike face is that business owners wish to have these service providers market for them without providing them adequate resources and information. That is, they do not wish to fill out questionnaires, do not return needed information on time, overlook important considerations and then expect to get good and timely results.

Without the information, honest feedback and access to passwords and sometimes credit/debit cards modern digital marketing campaigns cannot be done. For this reason there are some services that we usually do not offer and we certainly avoid working with start-ups who oftentimes cannot wrap their heads around the requirements.

We use a very simple and safe system that oversimplifies the process from discovery to onboarding and gives a fresh breath of ease. Notwithstanding, industry standards remain in effect. We allow our payment partners to do with your billing while we deal with your service except for Paid Advertising services which has a special arrangement, but nevertheless – hassle free.

We could list other misconceptions but we will leave that for another conversation. Until then, cheers for great marketing. Give us a call if you need to speak to an expert or get some real traffic to your business.

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